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New Jersey Phoenix (Like the mythically sacred firebird reborn from ashes implies immortality) A ladies Cricket Team by Beulah Pidakala

January 27, 2011- This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone like ‘me’ who wants to unlearn some basic cricket mistakes of ‘gully’(street) cricket and learn a few batting strokes or bowling or wicket keeping or fielding.

We have the privilege of having one of USA’s finest Coaches Lalta Persaud as our Team’s Coach, Mentor and Guide. Lalta has patiently transformed some of us amateurs into players for the National Women’s tournament in 2010 and is very enthusiastic about coaching the NJ Phoenix. 

“Every game is an opportunity to measure yourself against your own potential”. - Bud Wilkinson. 

 Our first game as a team the “NJ Phoenix” will be an indoor game this Saturday January 29th. I encourage everyone to come to the Morristown facility on Saturday at 5:00pm. Unlike an outdoor game of Cricket where each side has 11 players on the team, the indoor game allows only 6 players, we’ll give everyone a chance to play at least one game.

 In addition to the tournament, we will have the opportunity to train at Morristown every Saturday or Sunday, a separate email will be sent during the week with details of upcoming practice/coaching sessions, schedule, logistics and more.

So come on down! Play this Saturday or just come to watch and cheer! Meet the rest of us, Come train with us when you can.

Saturday Indoor Tournament details: Tournament: 8 teams, competing for the coveted indoor champion’s title. Teams will be divided into two groups, games will be based on draw (not sure about this); top 4 teams will progress to the Semi’s, final’s played the following two Saturdays. Address:  Indoor Cricket USA
38 Dumont Place,
Morristown, NJ, USA - 07960
Telephone: 1 (973) 829 - 5300       Time:
5:00pm – 10:00pm

I can’t promise to make you the next SACHIN TENDULKAR but I promise it will be fun!