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Speed & Agility Training: At Indoor Cricket USA

Improve Your Overall Game by training for Cricket Specific Speed and Agility

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When: Every Tuesday & Thursday from 7-8PM
Where: At Indoor Cricket USA
Duration: 6 Weeks Starting January
Introductory Price: Only $200.00
Instructor: Fareed Terry Umarally, B.S., ATC, CSCS
To sign-up: call Indoor Cricket USA @ 1 (973) 829 - 5300
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About Fareed Terry Umarally

Graduated in 2005 with a bachelor of science at William Paterson University. He has been involved in the field of sports medicine and health and fitness for over 8 years. He enjoys various sports from football, basketball, cricket, golf, bike riding etc. Terry Umarally: Strength and Conditioning coach, Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer: Has worked in diverse settings with various populations. Terry has experience working with top level athletes, to younger developing athletes; as well as various age ranging adults who have goals from weight lost, injury rehabilitation, disease treatment and prevention, etc.

As a certified athletic trainer (ATC), Terry is able evaluate, treat, and help prevent various different athletic injuries. As a sports medicine personal, he has been trained to handle emergency situation regarding athletic completion.Terry is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He is equipped with knowledge on the proper and most effective means of training an athlete to perform at his or her highest level. Using an array of methods, he is able to help an athlete to increase his or her strength, power speed, agility, balance, endurance, etc; with a single goal to help the athletes be at peak level of competition. As a personal trainer, Terry has help young as well as the adult population achieve their fitness goal. He has the ability to evaluate, design and implement a fitness program that will help individual achieve their health and fitness goals and live a more productive life style.