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Rising Stars Cricket Team Celebrates its Rous

On Saturday Indoor Cricket Rising Stars Cricket Team of the Millennium League in New Jersey celebrated its successful 2009 Cricket Season at an impressive presentation function hosted by its parent body Indoor Cricket USA at its Cricketing Educational Institution in Morristown New Jersey. The team was the runners up in the 2009 League’s Division One Cricket Tournament.


The function which had as its theme, ”Youths-the Rising Stars of the next generation,” began with 15 years old Ryan Persaud, decked out in the garbs of sartorial elegance, introducing himself as the evening’s Master of Ceremonies. He displayed excellent leadership potential, as he guided his audience through the evening’s program. The function concluded with the 16 years old Yeshana moving the vote of thanks and thereby providing the occasion with an appropriate symmetrical sequence of the empowerment of youths, both male and female Rising Stars in the leadership roles. While the audience stretched across the various generations, the sequential format of the program, featuring youths at its beginning and at its end was in keeping with the ethos of ICUSA as an Educational Institution of Cricket.


The M.C. Ryan Persaud welcomed those in attendance, informing them we were assembled to participate in a “Mashramani” style celebration to herald the Rising Stars Cricket team’s remarkable achievements in its 2009 Cricket Season. His description of the style of the celebration was an indication of his knowledge of the cultural heritage of the native land of his parents in that the word “Mashramani” has its origin from Guyana’s indigenous population and it means “A grand celebration which occurs immediately after the completion of a very successful cooperative venture.” The evening’s event had all the elements that fitted into that description.


The M.C. Introduced Mr. Lalta Persaud, the president of ICUSA, as the eternal optimist of the Rising Stars and the man whose leadership inspired the team’s success. Lalta, in a presentation that was depicted with pride and satisfaction mingled with humility, conveyed his gratitude to all the players, support staff, and team fans, who encouraged the team and all those, whose support, combined to create a successful 2009 for the Rising Stars. He stated that team’s success resulted from excellent cooperation by all involved and he was merely the first among his equals. He indicated that he was very motivated by the performances of the experienced players who set laudable examples and guided their teenaged team mates who displayed a keenness to develop themselves as worthy cricketers of the future. Lalta expressed the view that it was a pleasurable learning experience for him to work with his management team, who gave him critical support, through out the year, with intense arguments on matters of policy and practices for the team. He acknowledged that they disagreed in order to agree and while they disagreed they were never disagreeable towards each other. Lalta noted his satisfaction that Rising Stars played 4 teenagers in single matches during the Millennium League Tournament and he was happy to report the players conducted themselves with the discipline, decency dignity and decorum befitting the spirit of the gentleman’s game. That was an ideal training experience for the youths in the team. He pointed out to his audience that ICUSA was satisfied to note that two of its teenaged sensations were not only  good cricketers but were also balancing their cricketing athleticism with their academic pursuits by distinguishing themselves as” A” students and not allowing their cricketing activities to adversely affect their scholarly responsibilities. Lalta advised other youngsters to follow in the paths of those two young members of the team.


Mushtaq Khan the team’s manager and member of ICUSA’s management provided a historical synopsis of the team. Among the highlights of his thought provoking presentation was the fact that the team was created only 20 months ago as a new component of the ICUSA’S complex. It was part of its extension program with the objective to provide the young students of ICUSA an opportunity to use their acquired skills at the indoor training facility in competitive cricket tournaments. Mushtaq reminded his audience that Stars have the ability to rise and also the ability to pitch. So it was not surprising to the team’s management that some of our Rising Stars, in the 20 months have risen and is with us this evening while others have pitched and faded from our view. He pointed out some of the challenges that the team faced in its formative months and how they were overcome by the fortitude of the team’s leadership with glowing support of its members and the parents of its trainees. He emphasized the fact that a high point in the team’s history occurred 5 months after its formation when a large component of the team including its entire management, were on duties for the ICUSA’s touring team in the Caribbean island of St. Marteen. Out of respect for the work done by the administrators of the Millennium League, Rising Stars resisted the urge to interfere with the League’s tournament by neither asking for a postponement of its match nor for a bye. Instead it not only honored its commitment by playing its scheduled match but winning it and thereby displaying the depth of strength of the new team. Mr. Khan reminded his audience that Rising Stars implemented its policy of leadership training by applying the principle of captaincy rotation and so in 2009 Kawal Persaud handed over the captaincy to the cool, the calm, and the calculative Conrad Carbon, Rising Stars man of the 3 “C’s”. He led the team to the Finals of the Tournament. Mushtaq alluded to the challenge faced in 2009 when it was confronted with the reality of the cricket culture of the Tri-state area which related to the practice by the successful teams to provide some of its leading players with material income to play. The Rising Stars management, after intense discussions on the issue concluded that since the principles of social justice and equity demands that all members of the team must be paid and not only some and the resources of ICUSA were not adequate, at this time, to off-set such an expense then we will offer Psychic income as an alternative incentive. Psychic income would include the creation of a cricketing environment which fosters team spirit and camaraderie; enjoyment of the fun in playing the game; the development of civil relationships among the members of the society of Humanity; and an opportunity for the elders amongst us to derive the joy and pleasure of discharging their generational duty to the new generation of youths by selflessly sharing their experiences and expertise with the young so that they can carry on the traditions of the game as the elder ones fade into the sunset. Mushtaq concluded his historical Synopsis by congratulating the Global Team which defeated Rising Stars in the Finals. However, the Rising Stars were competitive and though they lost the Finals they won the Glory by their deeds in the tournament. Those included, defeating a full strength Global team in the first match of the Competition; persisting with its policy of playing teenaged players through out the year; offering its players Psychic Income in lieu of material income as incentives to play cricket; and the development of lasting friendships among players and their families by demonstrating the behavioral traits which bind Humanity together rather than separate them as they enjoy themselves with the glorious game of cricket.


Kawal Persaud, the Rising Stars “man of numbers’ and Vice President of ICUSA, was the next speaker. Unlike Lalta and Mushtaq whose presentations were qualitatively skewed, Kawal’s was quantitatively focused. He revealed the performances of the players by providing the statistics of the team for the year. He mentioned his pride and satisfaction at the team’s performance and stated that he felt fulfilled for the efforts of the members both within the boundary and beyond the boundary. He was happy to have been involved with the team and indicated that awards and trophies being distributed recognize not only the performances of the players on the field of play but also those beyond the boundary whose inputs played a significant role in the year’s success.

Kawal, with the assistance of the management team, which included Shanti Persaud, the hard working ICUSA’s Director Operations, and the scorers, Rachel and Yeshana supervised the presentation of the various awards. The Highlights of the awards were:


List of Special Recognitions:


Outstanding Captaincy:          Conrad Carbon

MVP                            :           Prashad Mahadeo

Best Batsman              :           Prashad Mahadeo

Best Bowler                 :           Conrad Carbon

Centurions                  :           Prashad Mahadeo(twice), Ryan Gulvary, George Adams

Most wickets in a match (5)    Ryan Persaud

US Under 15Player Recognition: Adithya Nagaraja