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Indoor Cricket USA Inc.’s Year 2009


ICUSA Inc., which is a cricket educational complex, featuring coaching clinics, pro cricket shop, net batting practice facilities, state of the art bowling machines, Cricket Bat USA repair shop, Indoor Cricket League Tournaments, Cricket Touring Team, Cricket Club, both physical and mental fitness training and other cricketing items, had very successful 2009. It conducts cricket leagues in USA at fixed intervals of time. Also considered as the most reliable USA cricket shop, ICUSA Inc. is a place where you will find every type of equipment related to the cricket game. The fully equipped cricket gear Canada kit includes each and every tool or material which is required by the cricket player. Along with equipment ICUSA Inc. also provides cricket coaching in USA to develop finest cricket players in every corner of the country. At this New York cricket shop, the main attraction is cricket bats Canada. We also design cricket trophies USA for the winners and runner ups to motivate them at every step.


Leading its accomplishments was the remarkable performance of its 18 month old Rising Stars Cricket Team which got into the Finals of the New Jersey Millennium League’s 1st division tournament and ended its year as that tournament’s runners-up team, in only its second year participation in the League’s competition. This League is one of the leading Cricket Leagues in New Jersey. Amidst, intense challenges ICUSA was able to maintain its policy of giving youths a chance and succeeded in persistently including as many as 4 under 19 players in the team. It was also successful in motivating players to play with commitment and inspiring love for the game, making sacrifices of forfeiting material income to spread the joy and happiness which the game of cricket engenders.


A few members of ICUSA’S cadet core who were active participants of the facility’s training and educational programs were selected to play in National and Regional under 15 and under 19 Cricket tournaments. One was even identified to captain the under 15 Regional team. These included Henry Wardley, Cameron, Mirza, Ryan Persaud and Adithya Nagaraja.


Three members of ICUSA successfully completed the coaches training program run by the WICB in the 2009 Cricket in New Jersey Events. In the practical sense all 3 had ascended to the level of qualified coaches in the USA by virtue of their performances at the training event. In the theoretical sense one was denied that honor because of an antiquated concept, which denies talented youths under the age of 18 years, who will be the leaders of tomorrow, the opportunity to match their equal or superior talent who have grown to that “magical” age of 18 and beyond. Nevertheless, ICUSA has demonstrated the fortitude to cope elegantly and gracefully with such temporary impediments.


ICUSA was proud of its 2009 contributions, which was recognized, to the growth and development of USA ladies cricket team. That contribution took the form of training in the practices of the game and development to the required lady like discipline, decency and dignity which the real game of cricket is reputed.


The year 2009 recorded the ICUSA’S Cricket Touring Team visit to the beautiful West Indian island of St Maarten. That tour was educationally enlightening and culturally enhancing to the touring party which comprised of over 50 persons from a variety which stretched across the generational, racial, religious, and class divide which constrains Humanity.  


Finally, ICUSA was honored and privilege to have been recognized and accepted as an affiliate of USACA the governing body of national cricket in the USA. ICUSA looks forward to playing its part as a member of USACA as we pursue matters of mutual interests in the growth and development of cricket in the USA.