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Corporate Cricket Events

How would you like to try something totally different, filled with lots of fun, action and keep your body fit? Are you looking to improve morale with your staff and build team spirit? Indoor Cricket has just what you need, an evening of fabulous entertainment. Come and play Indoor Cricket in Morristown.

Team Composition

Indoor Cricket in progressTeams can be anything from 6-8 a-side so any number between 12 and 16 players is enough for a game.
Players are paired against each another based on ability so there’s no danger of a serious mismatch (or serious injury, to pride or otherwise). Teams can be mixed gender, mixed ability or mixed however you may see fit.


Age, gender or ability is not an issue The cost is $600 for a 16 over game (6 ball overs), which generally takes 2 hours. This includes the use of the facility (3 nets) and also includes the services of a scorer / umpire plus a leg stump.


Trophies, Medals, plaques are available at an addition cost. We will set up and help guide you through a mini-tournament as per your requirements.

Cricket Facilitieswinning cricket team

  • The Indoor Cricket USA will provide the indoor ball and stumps. Players need to provide their own equipment: bats, pads, gloves etc.
  • Indoor Cricket USA has the 'Supergrasse' playing surface - especially for cricket
  • Parking right next to the Indoor School (subject to matches and other events at the Morristown Roller Hockey Rink)
  • Fully stocked Refridgerator serving a variety of sports beverages and sandwiches, chips, paninis etc.
  • Separate Changing Room

Settle some scores

Do you work in a larger office? Why not get four or more teams together? You can book the entire facility and run a tournament over 4-5 hours. Contact Indoor Cricket USA for more details: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Accounts v Marketing; PR v Maintenance or Management v The Rest – settle some old scores, make some new ones and have some fun that will actually do your fitness (and waistline) some good too. After the game mull over your victory or defeat, debate your off drive against the receptionist’s off-spin. How’s that for entertainment!
settle some scores
Relax in the Indoor Snack Corner ( Riyana’s Recipe) With onsite parking (outside the congestion zone), changing room an on snack bar and catering from sandwiches to banquets available, the possibilities are endless - book your matches now.

Additional details

  • Dress code is cricket whites (no tank tops)
  • Your game(s) can be recorded on DVD, for $30 per game
  • Rules of the Indoor Game are explained by the scorer/umpire at the start of the game (See Website for Rules)
  • Catering costs are additional and must be pre-booked
  • All bookings are subject to availability and must be paid for in advance