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Two Rising Stars Awarded MCL Most Promising Players of 2008

Adithya & Ryan at Indoor Cricket USAIn 2008, seven young cricketers born in the United States made debuts in the Millennium Cricket League with the Indoor Cricket Rising Stars. All seven are under the age of fourteen and part of the on going Indoor Cricket Training Program. It is a curriculum in which young cricketers are gradually introduced into playing in League Cricket when they are deemed able and capable of playing in an atmosphere to build their confidence and self esteem.

Two of the young gentlemen showed signs of readiness, one as an opening bowler and the other as a leg-spinner; both are 14 years old with immense potential. Adithya Nagaraja, who was born and resides in Pennsylvania whose parents, migrated to the United States from India. Adithya posses a natural ability to swing the new ball and has taken twelve wickets in the 2008 season bowling 31 overs.

The other rising star is an ambitious leg spinner, Ryan Persaud. He was born in Long Island, New York whose parents were from Guyana, South America. Ryan is a tenth grader living in Jefferson, New Jersey and now learning the art of leg spin. He has taken 14 wickets in 27 overs with an uncanny ability to rip the ball across batsman. He was a member of the Indoor Cricket Touring Team that played in St Maarten in 2008. There he displayed both his cricketing and leadership skills, acquired from his hard work and dedication to the customized training programs at ICUSA.

Ryan and Adithya have benefited tremendously from playing in the Indoor Cricket League during the winter. The ICL winter leagues which includes the likes of West Indies test player Neil McGarrell, Guyana & USA National Player Sudesh Dhaniram, USA U-19 playes Romeno Deane and Andrew Kirton, USA national player Kumar Nandalal, Former USA National Player Mukesh Sookram, Millennium League & Nassau League Qayaam Farrouq and USA under-15 Cameron Mirza. Ryan is currently one of the top bowlers in the ICL 2008/09 winter season. These young men have showed an eagerness to learn and a determination to improve their game. It was most fitting that the Millennium Cricket League recognized them for accomplishment at their Awards Ceremony for 2008. Ryan and Adithya are also exceptional students and both have ambitions of becoming Neurosurgeons.

Top Juniors at Indoor Cricket USA

Team Indoor Cricket USA. Rising Stars (ICUSA) is delighted to be part of the Millennium Cricket League this season. Our team combines a colorful group of talented club cricketers, who hail from as Far East, as India in the continent of Asia, to as Far West, as the Caribbean and Guyana in the continent of America. It is an honor and privilege for us to be part of this most laudable venture. We are fully committed to playing our part in the League’s program which is designed to foster friendship and goodwill among cricket lovers from the United States. We do look forward to all the drama, the thrills, the spills, the excitement and the overall entertainment which the game of 'glorious uncertainty' has to offer in these cricket matches.

Top Juniors at Indoor Cricket USA

ICUSA has high hopes and great expectations about creating lasting friendships and harboring cherished memories this season. We welcome the opportunity to be among a variety of people and institutions that have the common aim of preserving and perpetuating the noble traditions of the game of cricket.ICUSA do extend greetings and congratulations to the Administrators of the Millennium Cricket League, the organizers of the games and all our fellow club cricketers who have joined this League much success. May we all have an enjoyable season as we indulge ourselves in the educational enhancement and cultural enrichment that the 2008 cricket season can bestow on us.

ICUSA is proud to introduce six young gentlemen who made their debut as Rising Stars this year.

All are talented young men with bright futures in US cricket. Special thanks to Mr. Kim Vieira for his continued contributions to ICUSA and the Rising Stars. You are simply amazing. Risings Stars also wish to thank Mr. Leslie Lowe for his kindness and generosity.