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Professional Cricket Training 2009

Cricket 2009: Are you ready to top your average/s?

Summer of Cricket will be upon you before you even know it. By this summer (2009) we at Indoor Cricket USA want you to get ready and top your past average/s.

Train with professional Neil Christopher McGarrell to Improve your game, fine tune your technique and raise the level of your cricket.

About Neil Christopher McGarrell:Professional Cricket Training by Neil





Neil is former West Indies Test/ ODI Player, Stanford and Guyana National player for over 8 years between 2001 and 2008.

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Training overview

• Correct Technique using innovative drills and coaching techniques.
• Uses of the bowling machines to achieve specific goals
• Various angles of feed to cure specific faults
• Machines to deliver highly intensive squad sessions
• Batting for long periods of time through various feeding progressions and drills
• Innovative ways to deliver repetition of various shots.
• Keeping explanations clear simple and to a minimum
• Accelerate improvement by repetition of practical participation.
• Constantly monitoring technique throughout all practice

Duration: 4 Weeks, 1 hour/week
Cost: $60 (that's only $15/!!)

Call 1(973) 829 - 5300 to reserve a spot today.